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Amazon Women Warriors

Words from Mythology pt VI: Amazon

amazon women warriors

This blog is about the word Amazon.

In Greek mythology an Amazon was a warrior-like woman who fought and ruled in what is now the Ukraine.

amazons women warriors in battle

It is believed that Amazons were the first warriors to use horses in battle. It is also part of the myth that they cut off one of their breasts in order to shoot arrows and throw spears with great accuracy (this is now known to be false).

The Amazons fought along side the Trojans in battle.   Many great heroes in Greek mythology, including Hercules, tested their courage against the Amazons.

real amazon warriors

You may now be asking yourself, “how did they remain an all female tribe for so long”?

No men were allowed to live with them but once a year they would visit a tribe of men called the Gargareons. They would return home and any babies that were born were separated. The Amazons kept the girls and the boys were sent back to their Fathers. Interesting!!!

Fast forward to 1541 when the Spanish tried to take land around a body of water. They were defeated badly by female warriors from the Icamiaba tribe. King Charles V was so impressed he named the body of water The Amazon River.

amazon women warriors

Recently archaeologists have identified the remains of Eurasian warrior women in over 300 archaeological sites.  This accompanied with historical documentation from numerious societies within the region, have lead many serious historians to confirm the Amazons were no mere myth.

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