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Morpheus - God Of Dreams

Words from Mythology pt IV: Morphine

morpheus - god of dreams

This blog is about the word morphine. Morphine is a narcotic drug derived from opium and is used medically to relieve pain. It is also known for its sleep and dream inducing qualities.


The origin of this word is really interesting. Morpheus was the God of Dreams. The Greek word morph means form and so Morpheus (“he who forms”) had the ability to appear in dreams in any form he wanted.

morpheus - god of dreams

His family tree is where the story really gets interesting. Get this…

His father – Hypnos – God of sleep

His mother –Pasithea – Goddess of rest

His grandmother –Nyx – Goddess of night

His uncle – Thanatos – God of death

His brother – Phobetor – created fearful dreams

His brother –Phantasus – created fake dreams with no form

His brother – Ikelos – created true or real dreams

hypnos and morpheus

The entire family lived in the dream world, shaping the dreams of mortals. Only Morpheus had the ability to oversee the dreams of kings and influence the dreams of Gods.

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Sweet dreams

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