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The Fates With Clotho

Words from Mythology Pt II: Cloth and Psychic

the fates with clotho

In this blog we are going to talk about two mythological words: Clotho and Psychikos.

In Greek Mythology Clotho was one of the Three Fates along with her sisters Lachesis and Atropos. Clotho would pull the thread, her sister Lachesis turned the wheel and Atropos would cut the thread at the correct length. Lachesis represented the past, Clotho the present and Atropos the future. It was Clotho who decided when someone was born and how and when they would die.

Today, Clotho became our word for cloth.

The Greek word Psychikos means “of the mind”or “mental”. In Greek this word can also mean “soul”.

pyche and cupid

In mythology the maiden Psyche was the goddess of the human soul and the wife of Eros (Cupid) God of Love. Also, she was once a mortal princess whose extreme beauty made Venus jealous. To keep Psyche from being banished by Venus, Eros disguised himself and carried her off to a hidden place.

Today, Psychikos became our word for psychic and it means a person who can tap into information that is hidden from the normal senses.



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