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Phobos - Greek Mythology

Words from Mythology pt III: Phobia & Hypnosis

phobos - greek mythology

In this blog we are going to talk about the mythological words: Phobos and Hypnos.

Phobos in Greek mythology was the God of fear. His brother Deimos, represented terror and dread. They would accompany their father Ares, the war god, into battle spreading fear, panic and terror.


Today, our word for a very strong fear is phobia which comes from Phobos.

hypnos mythology

Hypnos was the Greek god of sleep. He lived in Erebos, the land of eternal darkness. He visited people in the dark of night to help them fall asleep. His mother was Nyx, who was the goddess of night. The Greeks showed him as a gentle young man who gave mortals and gods the gift of sleep.


Today, our word hypnosis comes from Hypnos.

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