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Which crystal is best for you

How to know what crystal is right for you

Searching for a crystal can be overwhelming, intuitively choosing a crystal will often lead you to find the one you need the most. However, if you are not familiar with listening to you intuition, we have some tips to help you find the best crystal for you.

Each crystal has unique properties that change our energy field in different ways. So, whether you’re interested in spiritual self-development, protection, health or general well-being, there are multiple crystals that align to this energy. Once you’ve decided on your intention you can significantly narrow down your options.

Don’t choose a stone solely because of its size, shape, cost, color, shine or sparkle though – these are contributory factors, but not essential. Sometimes the most improbable crystal will be the one best aligned to you. You should be looking to feel a connection. If it just feels like a rock in your hand then it is not right for you. Close your eyes and allow your senses to do the work. You also should not worry about making a bad choice. When you find the perfect crystal, you’ll fall in love with it. Even if it’s not the one you originally meant to buy! All gemstones hold the imprint of their specific structure and energy, so any crystal of a specific type will support your intentions. What we’re tinkering with is a specific crystal’s vibration and how it resonates with your particular energy field.

If you get a powerful tingling sensation as you hold a crystal, buy that crystal! When you’re holding a crystal or looking at a picture, try and feel the energy that emanates from it. Does it give you a sense of calm or inner knowing? Does it fill you with excitement or the sense of possibilities? Do you feel physical sensations such as heat or tingling? Any positive emotions indicate it’s a good choice.

If you’re in a store, you can also pick up various crystals and note how you feel. If you find yourself drawn back to a stone you’ve already put down, this is the one that wants to come home with you. You may also feel that you can’t put down a specific crystal. Trust those feelings and whatever crystal you choose will be the perfect one for you

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Psychomanteum is a room, that is small, and very dark, set up with a comfortable chair, dim lighting, only a candle burning, and a mirror which is angled so it does not reflect anything, and this room was invented be Dr. Moody to connect with spirits.

“The Psychomanteum is a chamber invented by Dr. Moody, but inspired by the ancient techniques used for 2500 years at the Oracle of the Dead in Ephyra Greece. A visitor to the Psychomanteum often experiences contact with departed loved ones.”


Psychomanteum came from Ancient Greece where people would stare into anything with a reflexation that would produce visions. So the Psychomanteum room is designed to connect with the spirit world, so it has to be dark, and with a mirror so you can see the spirit world through the mirror.

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How to get rid of Ghost Visitors

Have you been having weird or scary occurrences in your home? This is to do with unwanted visitors in your house, perhaps. Are you seeing signs that lead to having a ghost in your house?  Of course if this spirit is a negative influence on you or your home, you may want to try and get rid of it. Not all spirits are bad, so you may only want to get rid of it if its bad, keep in mind some of these spirits could be loved one’s, so only do this if they are having a negative influence on your life.


You can simply ask the ghost to leave, and if they are a friendly one they may do so, If you do this you have to make sure to use a stern voice, tell the ghost to leave, and also tell it why. The more direct the better.


You have to remember sometimes ghosts do not realize that they are dead, so you may have to explain this to them, ask them what they want, they may show you a sign.


Now if this spirit is being stubborn, you will have to try to banish it. There are banishing spells, but this is only for negative spirits who are unwanted.


Good luck in your quest in ridding your life of unwanted spirits, but if none of this works, and the spirit is way to stubborn to leave you can consult a professional.

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Palmistry Bracelets

The Rascette lines also known as the bracelet lines, can tell a lot about a person in Palmistry. Most people like to read their life line, head line, or their heart line, but reading your bracelet line is just as important. Most people have three lines, but if you are one of the lucky ones you may have four lines.

The first line on your wrist is your health line. If this line is not broken, or cracked, and is fairly straight this would mean you will have good health. Women who have a broken, or cracked first line, may mean she will have gynecological issues, while men with broken lines, will have prostate or reproductive problems.

The Second line, is your wealth line. This line indicates if you will be wealthy or not. The line that is unbroken not cracked will mean that you will have a wealthy lifestyle. If the line is cracked, broken, this will mean that you will not lead a wealthy life.


The third line is love. This line if it is broken, or cracked will mean that you will not be lucky in love, and if you  have a straight unbroken not cracked line this can mean that you will be very happy in life.


The fourth line, which may not be presented in all people, means you will lead a very long life. Each line represents about 30 years of life. If you are fortunate enough to have a fourth line, this will
mean you could live to be 100 or more

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