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Cleansing Chant

When and How to Cleanse your Home pt 2: Using Religous Shields

cleansing chant

Before beginning a cleanse be sure to take all precautions to psychically protect yourself. You can wear a religious talisman, and carry protective gemstones in your pocket for example. Envision your shield and ask the deity of your faith and your spirit guide to reinforce your shield and offer their added protection. Before you enter the dwelling place the salt and holy water at all entrances and windows while reciting the prayer of your choice. Some options are the Lord’s Prayer, or Archangel Michael’s prayer of protection, if you are not a Christian you can also recite the following incantation:

religious figures
‘God/ess Bless this home. Every nail and board and stone. Clear away energies that harm. Keep them away with this charm. Cleanse and purify this place. Help us create a sacred space. Bestow your loving blessings. That this home be safe as it should So Mote it be!’

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Whichever you choose you will need to recite it at every door and window, and in every room of the house. Make sure your talisman is exposed as you enter the house. Light the candle and the sage and begin in the spot in the home where most of the paranormal activities have occurred. Continually recite the prayer with love and firmness as you move through each room in a clockwise direction. Move the smudge stick around all doors and windows in clockwise circular motions while also holy watering them as you go. Be sure to carry the white candle with you as you walk through for protection and to send white healing light into the dwelling. Once you have gone through every room in the house and returned to your starting point the cleansing is complete.