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Languages Of Love

What’s your love language?

languages of love

The language of love is different for all of us. Starting to understand the individual languages of love one speaks the loudest and clearest will help us gain a better understanding of ourselves.

Today we will look at the basics of the five different love languages.

This topic may be common for those that enjoy a regular live psychic reading.  A psychic may have even suggested or outright told you what love language you speak the loudest.

Are you curious as to which love languages you speak? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Here we will briefly discuss the overarching theme of each love language. You can determine for yourself which languages you speak the loudest. 

Words of affirmation

love language affirmation

This language is for people who need to hear “words”.  If you need to hear “ I love you” or “you did such a great job” on a daily basis, this is most likely your love language. 

Quality time

love language quality time

This one basically hinges on spending time together, the more you want to spend time together with a significant other, the more emphasis you put on this love language. Most partners, of course, want to spend quality time together but if this is your love language you will NEED quality time in frequent doses.

Acts of service

language of love service

This love language expression will find one wanting or needing a significant other to help out. If someone promises you they are going to help you paint the house and then bail, this will most likely hurt you to your core.

This language expression thrives on people simply being around, helping out with the chores and basically lending a helping hand as often as one can. 

Physical touch

love language touch

The love language of physical touch is pretty obvious as well. A person that expresses love via this language needs to be touched and to touch, and this isn’t just in a sexual way.

The love language of touch can be hand-holding, putting a hand on a knee, cuddling on the couch… If you feel a deep need to touch and be touched, this is your main love language. 

Receiving gifts

love language gift

You love receiving gifts and also love giving them?  Well, you speak through the gifts, you feel good and appreciated when you receive something from your partner. The love language of gifting is not about going to the store or a mall everytime you want to voice this love language. The language of love gifts can be something hand-made, a piece of art, a mixtape, a poem… Often the inexpensive, but personal and heartfelt gifts are the best appreciation of this love language.

There you have it! These are the five love languages and you can decide which one is your spoken language. Hopefully, this will help you in the long run with any relationship.  Understanding your own personal love language and that of a potential or new partner can go a long way in determining and maintaining compatibility. Good luck!