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What is Premonition?


Have you ever had a feeling that something was going to happen? Especially something that was not going to be a good experience. This is called having a premonition. Premonition by definition is a strong feeling that something is about to happen, something that is unpleasant.

Premonitions are very common. Stemming from our evolutionary history, our ancestors survived by having premonitions which helped them survive.  Through our ancestors- genes have passed down from generation to generation, so now premonitions are hardwired into us.

Being forewarned of an unpleasant experience gives us time to prepare, such as our health or our loved one’s health deteriorating can indicate that we need to go see a doctor. However, not all premonitions are bad, sometimes we may foresee a job raise in our future, or getting a new job!


Do you ever wonder when we should take our premonitions seriously?

There are times we definitely should, for instance, when there is a recurring premonition, a health issue, or when our premonitions are more real then any dream, if your premonition is associated with physical symptoms, or if the premonition is experienced by a loved one.

premonition man

Premonitions help us be forewarned to problems of our loved ones. The most common is between parents and their children, siblings especially twins, your spouse, love helps bring on the premonitions.

Although premonitions are common and happen naturally, there are some ways that you can try to bring them on. Meditation, being in nature, quieting your mind, listening to the messages your mind is trying to give you in total quiet.