What is Intuition?

If you have any interest in the broad world of psychic abilities, you’ve surely heard the term intuition thrown around. What exactly is intuition? Beleive it or not, you use your intuition every day.

Ever had a gut feeling there is something wrong with a friend? Maybe he or she is putting off an odd but subtle vibe and you get a feeling in the pit of your stomach something is wrong. You inquire only to find out there is something wrong.  This is an example of intuition that relates to the common definition of “the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.”

Having intuition and being an intuitive person is different, however. Most people use intuition in their daily lives.

Many think of intuition as a magical power, however, most of our intuition comes from past life experiences. The more knowledge we get as we grow older, the more intuitive we get.

Although our intuition can be very powerful, sometimes our gut feelings can also mislead us into decisions that are not the best for us.


People that are highly intuitive have learned to rely on their ideas and imagination. He or she may feel detached from the world, constantly dreaming and wondering why things happen the way they do. Some intuitives may even wonder if they actually belong in the world at all.

Intuitive people generally have very open minds, constantly questioning, and always believing in the possible improvements this world needs. They will observe people and events, always making connections, but sometimes never actually being present or taking part in the moment.

Experienced practitioners of intuition make decisions unconsciously, they have rapid, subtle logic that does not follow what most consider “normal” logic.

Intuitives often will not be able to understand this logic from the onset of the ability. Even so, practiced intuitives have developed abilities through a deeper drive and cannot ignore this inner voice.  Experienced intuitives have allowed this ability to guide them. Intuitives observe everything, they are very aware of their surroundings, they make deep connections with people and provide valuable insight.



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