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What is Cartomancy?


Cartomancy is using a deck of cards for fortune-telling or divination. Card readers, cartomancers, or readers are what people who practice this art are often called.


The 14th century is when card playing was first introduced in Europe. This is also when the practice of Cartomancy was first started. This is the oldest form of fortune-telling. The most common form of Cartomancy in the English language is Tarot cards. Tarot cards are almost always used for fortune telling cartomancy in the English language.

fortune telling via cards

Playing-cards were calling ‘mamluk” in the Middle East. The four suit designs are symbolization for Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. Which are represented by clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades.

In cartomancy, fortune telling is practiced in “Spreads.” For example, a single card is a quick answer. Three cards equal past present and future, nine- card spread, in three rows equal, past, present, future, and future layers while a 21-card-spread is 3 rows of 7 cards aka Gypsy Spider Web.


The hearts cards represent issues with emotions and in your home. Diamonds represent work-related issues and other out-of-the-home experiences.

Clubs are representative of money and finances, while Spades represent roadblocks in your path and other difficulties that are problems in your life.

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