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What is a Warlock

Everyone has heard of Witches, however what is the male equivalent of a witch? You guessed it a warlock, so what is a warlock exactly you ask?

What is a warlock?

A man that practices witchcraft, a sorcerer, male witch, a fortune teller, a man who practices witchcraft.

Warlocks were born from both humans and demons, unfortunately by rape or deceit from demons who were shape sifters known as Eidolon demons, they disguised themselves as humans, or someones loved one or an object of sexual desire. Through this, some warlocks may have half-siblings, and quite possibly, a pure sibling from a human parent raped or tricked more than once.

A Warlock looks human, so you cannot tell them apart from an actual human, like witches you cannot tell the difference. However, since they have demonic traits they have inhuman strength, they can also adapt to any situation, they have inhuman speed, and look perfect.

Because Warlocks are so easily disguised among us, be weary.



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