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What is a Smudging?

What are the spiritual benefits of a smug stick? What is it? These smug sticks are Made of herbs, and also items from the earth which make their Aromatherapy blend that plays a huge role in spiritual practices.

So, what is smudging? It is The burning of sacred herbs that is used for spiritual cleansing, traditionally speaking sage has been the number one go to smudge tool for cleansing your soul.

How to use a smudge stick: burn the tip of the smudge stick, rotate them clockwise which creates aromatic smoke. You then have to gently separate the sticks from the crystals and the flowers. This creates positivity and clears out negative energies that are blocking your aura. Smudging creates an environment that soothes your soul, mind, and body.

Here is a guide to using smudge sticks:

-Open doors and windows to create circulation of air to release negative energy.

-Burn your sage stick

-Manifest your intentions of burning your stick

-Use it in the areas you wish to cleanse


– align your stick with your soul


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