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What Does Dreaming of Birds Mean


Have you had any dreams of birds? Do you want to know what it means when you have these dreams?


Birds in your dreams symbolize your hopes, dreams, and your goals.


To Dream of birds chirping in your dreams, symbolizes, love, joy, harmony, and balance. Your spirit is free, you always love on the bright side, and your life is sunny. You have nothing on your shoulders,  no stress in your life.


Dead or Dying birds in your dreams mean you are disappointed, you are worrying about things, problems, that are always running through your mind.


To dream of birds attacking means you are stressed about conflicts, you are getting pulled in every direction, and your spirituality is in conflict. If the birds are attacking houses it means you are not on the right path in life.


Bird eggs in your dreams means money. Birds hatching means means your success is not happening right now, bird nest means you’re independent.


Dreaming of a black bird means you have no motivation, it could also mean jealousy, or lust.