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Ways to communicate with your pets!

humans communicating with animals

You may not have realized but you already have the ability to communicate with animals. The key is to be able to do it consistently and with control. Just as with any other exercise you don’t start out at the highest level. You start slowly and build your muscles until it becomes easy. The more you do anything the stronger and better at it you become. So here are some exercises to help you become stronger at communicating with the animals in the world around you.

animal communication
View All Animals as Equals

Imagine walking up to someone you really admire but have never spoken to before. Would your conversation be open and meaningful? Or would you be slightly reserved and worried about what to say? This is one of the reasons it is important that you view animals as equals.

If you have placed animals on a pedestal believing them loving and good creatures while most humans are flawed and bad, or perhaps that animals are less than humans, not as smart, or unable to feel or reason you will not be able to properly communicate.

human to dog communication

Animals don’t see us as better or less, simply as fellow beings, sharing lives and experiences. When you come from a place of equality, respect and openness the communications come through stronger and clearer.

Remember that just as with humans each animal’s personality is unique. Some are extremely sensitive, while others are very conceited. They have specific likes and dislikes. It will be important to take note of these things just as you would for a guest you were talking with.

communicating with animals
Begin Communicating

It doesn’t matter if you receive messages through clairvoyance, clairaudience, or clairsentience you will still need to quite your mind to begin. Then observe the animal and try to visualize the thoughts that come into your mind.

Disregard any imagined thoughts. Animals communicate primarily using images, and short visual stories. It is important to do the same. If you have a pet it is best to start communications with them before wild animals.

Lie quietly next to your pet and think of something your pet really enjoys, perhaps they enjoy walks, so visualize their leash. If your pet begins to become excited as if you were going to take them for a walk, or brings you the toy you are picturing it is a good sign that your pet is receiving the telepathic message you are sending. At this point you should quit your mind and try to pick up on your pets feelings, and images.

Be open to the experiences your pet shares with you while letting your mind wander away from any wishful images or visions about yourself. You should also be prepared if your pet is a rescue. Animals have a great memory and they may share their dark and scary past with you.

As with developing and skills with psychic abilities it will require practice, practice, practice. As you become more efficient you will develop your own techniques that work best for you. Communicating with your pets or any animal will provide a wonderful feeling of being truly connected to all living things. It is well worth the effort to become fluent in this skill.