Venus Retrograde 2015

How Will Venus’s Retrograde Affect You This Year?

As previously discussed, the planet Venus is named after the Roman Goddess of Love, and its influence on our relationships with ourselves and each other is directly affected by our desires to connect. Venus in retrograde often reflects the personal and romantic relationships between people, bringing our inner-most feelings about these relationships and personal goals to the forefront of our minds. This year’s Venus retrograde period will be from July 25th through September 6, 2015, making for a period of introspection and quality alone time.

We are used to the natural sociability, flirtatiousness, and candor of Venus—who is known for beautification, romance, and sexual desire. In a retrograde period, these aspects are inverted, and can often cause a bit of tension within a naturally vivacious personality. Often, relationships can be tested in a retrograde period due to the shift in the way we approach communication with one another. Where we may often be open and direct, we seem to need to consider our words more carefully during this period, which may cause others to be suspicious of our change in communication style. Venus retrograde makes us reconsider our style of communication because we are reflecting on our goals, and this is not to be taken lightly.

Just as communication in a retrograde period can be stressful, it can also bring about a new person in to our lives. Maybe we have had a relationship in the past that will be rekindled, or maybe a long-lost friend contacts us, allowing for old wounds to heal or old bonds to be restored. This is a gift from the cosmos letting us know that our lives and relationships are cyclical, and past difficulties can become future strengths.

Within this time of reflection, we may need to consider how we have shaped our daily lives, and if we are really working towards these goals. More than these questions, we wonder if our goals are worth working for. The “reversal” of our normative structure aims to make choices that often leave us in a very new state after retrograde has passed. These changes are not only on our external situations, with jobs, relationships or financial concerns, but our internal life is forever changed by the energy of our contemplation.



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