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Vanishing Hitchhiker

Urban Legends pt II: The Vanishing Hitchhiker


vanishing hitchhiker

This urban legend is called “The Vanishing Hitchhiker.” This tale has been around a very long time. It appears in many cultures with twists that fit the time period and it persists whether it is true or not.

In all its retellings it goes something like this…

A cold, rainy night a young girl, sometimes with a suitcase, is seen along a lonely highway. A driver, usually a young man, picks her up and asks where she is going. As they get closer to her destination the passenger disappears leaving behind a personal item. In a state of heightened confusion, the young man arrives at the destination. He decides to knock at the door, to return this item, only to be met by the girl’s relative who confirms that she has been dead for many years.

vanishing hitchhiker

We all have seen this tale told in many ways and many times on TV and in movies.

Why do we retell this story over and over?

Some people think we enjoy retelling scary or thrilling stories. I tend to agree with those who see this as a cautionary tale warning us to avoid possible danger!

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  1. Growing up the best hitchhiker stories I always heard were around a camp fire. And back then someone was missing a body part or they were never found and they still are out there. Till this day being in the woods makes me wonder a bit around such legends and stories. Getting the chills now.

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