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Envelope Urban Legend

Urban Legends pt III: Don’t Lick that Envelope!

envelope urban legend

This urban legend is one that I think just about anyone who has ever worked in an office or still uses “snail mail” can give a cringe- worthy sigh.

licking envelope urban legend

Back in the day, in the not so distant past, stories circulated about envelope companies and the factories that made the glue. Everything from water dripping from the ceiling to a passing rodent made its way into the vats of glue. If that’s not bad enough stories of people getting sores on their tongues from licking envelopes made their way into the public consciousness. An Urban Legend is Born!!!!

roach eggs on envelope

One popular story had a woman go to her doctor with a sore on her tongue only to find out that after lancing the sore a live roach crawled out!

Now, hopefully you have caught your breath, let me tell you that this story is false. Roach eggs are carried by the mother roach in a hard capsule called an ootheca. This is the only place the eggs can survive. Also, roach eggs are too large to go unnoticed on an envelope.


So… just like most legends this one definitely plays on our fears of insects!

If you are not convinced, don’t lick envelopes.

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