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Coca-cola Facts And Myths

Urban Legends pt IV: Cokelores

coca-cola facts and myths

Coca-cola has been around since about the 1880’s and has been a part of our everyday life and culture ever since. It shouldn’t surprise us then that a whole number of urban legends have emerged. Some of these tales are true and most are false. This collection of tales is called “cokelores”.

coca cola evolution

Here goes…

Coke removes rust from old nuts and bolts (true).

Coke’s original formula contains cocaine (true).

Dropping a Mentos into a bottle of coke causes a geyser (true).

Coke and aspirin can make you high (false).

Drinking coke and eating “pop rocks” can kill you (false).

Coke contains pork (false).

Coke was originally green (false).

Dropping a tooth in coke overnight will completely dissolve it (false).

So the next time you sit back and relax with an ice cold coke just remember that Coca Cola in Chinese means, “bite the wax tadpole”.

cocaine in coca cola

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