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Unlucky Things you Should Stop doing Immediately

You may know better than to spill salt and walk under ladders, but chances are you don’t know about some other things that are known for bringing bad luck. To make sure you aren’t unknowingly attracting misfortune check out the list below.

Unlucky Un-Birthday

Wishing someone a happy birthday before the day itself will cause misfortune to befall everyone involved. In fact Germans hold this superstition so strongly they even follow a tradition called Reinfeiern, where they get together the night before someone’s birthday and begin celebrating exactly when the clock strikes midnight. Saying “happy birthday” so much as a minute sooner is a major faux pau.

Boats and Fish

You may have heard that its bad luck to change a boats name since Poseidon keeps every boat logged in his immutable ledger, however did you know it is also dangerous to flip over a fish? Flipping over the fish is said to correspond to the motion of a boat capsizing. To avoid triggering such a disaster, many people in China reach the meat on the underside of the fish with chopsticks never risking rotating it.

Mums the word on Macbeth

Legend has it that in England when a new play was a flop, the theater would end the run early and stage a production of Macbeth instead, since the popular show was a guaranteed hit. Therefore, saying “Macbeth” in the theater was equivalent to tempting fate and implying that the production might fail. Even today, thespians dare not utter the name of “the Scottish play” within a theater’s walls.

Laundry Day

According to an old wives’ tale, if you turn a mattress on a Friday, you’ll be cursed with bad dreams. Another variation says that changing your bed on a Sunday is bad news too, so you might just want to avoid replacing your sheets on weekends.

Impolite to Point

In Navajo tradition people considered rainbows to be celestial beings, or at the very least, sent by them, so pointing at a rainbow would incur the wrath of the gods. You can direct others to observe their beauty if you liked, but if you pointed at one, you would disrespect the deity responsible for it and risk their retaliation.