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Tarot Reading

Understanding tarot

tarot reading

There are a few different tools psychics can use to aid in divination. Tarot is one of these tools. It is important to keep in mind that they are just a tool and not a definitive answer. Answers giving by the tarot are never on one level, you have to look beyond the physical meaning of the cards.

Origins Of Tarot

Origins Of Tarot

The history of Tarot is a bit obscure. However there are a few common theories. Some believe that Tarot was brought to Europe by Gypsies. Others accredit the Tarot to ancient Egypt and Thoth. While it is unclear exactly where they originated, the first documented use of them dates to around 1450 to 1470. The documentation is in the form of a sermon in the Steele Manuscript. It is a diatribe against games of chance that gives a detailed description of the Tarot trumps, both numbering and naming them. The earliest form of directions regarding how to lay and divine using the cards is found in manuscripts from 1735 known as The Square of Sevens.

How to Choose a Deck

How to Choose a DeckThere are numerous varieties of decks available around the world. The most widely used deck is the “Rider-Waite” deck. Each different deck has different interpretations of the cards, so choosing your deck is essential to properly utilizing them as a divination tool. When shopping for a deck you will notice everything from angels to vampires to animals. The most important part of choosing a deck is to let your intuition guide you. Go with what calls to you, you will know which deck to use because it will just feel right.

Prepare the Cards

tarot deck

Begin with checking your deck. Remove any instructional or blank cards from the deck. Next place the entire deck on your alter, or sacred space. If you do not have a sacred space in your home place them outside under the moonlight. It is also helpful to place a clear Quartz crystal or other gem known to neutralize energy and vibrations on the deck. This will cleanse and remove any energy the cards absorbed during manufacturing and shipping. Once the decks vibrations have been neutralized divide the deck into the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana and shuffle the two decks eight times each.

Using Tarot Cards

Using Tarot Cards

We suggest starting with a basic 3 card spread until you are more comfortable with the cards. To do this you will choose one card from the Major Arcana deck to signify yourself or the person you are reading. This card is known as your Archetypal card, it defines the relationship of all the following cards. Then shuffle the Minor Arcana deck 8 times. Cut the deck into 3 small piles facing down, and place them below the Archetypal card. Your deck should come with a detailed instruction book that will include the meaning of each of the cards.

Reading Tarot Cards

Reading Tarot Cards

In the basic 3 card spread the first card represents the physical realm. For a basic reading the 3 piles can represent past, present, and future. They can also represent an issue, the obstacle, and the action you should take. For a more advanced reading the first card represents what you or the person you are reading are going through on the earthly plane. The second card represents the mental realm. This could be a problem or mental disturbance you are facing. A lingering memory of future complication plaguing you. The third card represents the spiritual realm. This card is most often a message from your spirit or from your spirit guide. Using the cards meaning reflect on what the symbolism of each card in its position means for you in your life.

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  1. Quartz crystal I need to try that on my decks. When I myself do a reading for someone else I always let them shuffle the cards so their energy will be on them. Right now I am working with a deck called "Angel Inspiration Deck" I do three card drawing/reading and it allows the angels to communicate with me in a loving connection.

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