Understanding Aura Colors

Understanding Your Aura Colors


Reds relate to the physical body, heart or circulation. The densest color, it creates the most friction. Friction attracts or repels; money worries or obsessions, anger, anxiety or nervousness.

Deep red: Grounded, strong will power, survival oriented

Dark red: Anger

Clear red: Energetic, competitive, sexual, passionate


Relate to reproductive organs and emotions. The color of vitality, vigor, good health and excitement. Lots of energy and stamina, creative, productive, adventurous, courageous, outgoing social nature; currently experiencing stress related to appetites and addictions


Orange: Vitality, vigor, creative, stamina, courageous

Orange-yellow: Scientific, detail oriented, perfectionist


Relate to the spleen and life energy. It is the color of awakening, inspiration, intelligence and action shared, creative, playful, optimistic, and easy-going.

Yellow: Creative, playful, identity, awareness, power, knowledge, curiosity

Yellow-green: Passionate, communicative


Relate to heart and lungs. It is a very comfortable, healthy color of nature. When seen in the aura this usually represents growth and balance, and most of all, something that leads to change. Love of people, animals, nature; teacher; social.


Green: Nature, growth, balance, love

Dark green: Jealousy, low self-esteem, resentment


Relate to the throat, thyroid. Cool, calm, and collected. Caring, loving, love to help others, sensitive, intuitive.

Blue: Cool, calm, sensitive, expression

Soft blue: Peacefulness, clarity, and communication, truthful, intuitive

Dark blue: Fear of self-expression



Relates to the third eye, visual and pituitary gland.

Intuitive, visionary, clear minded


Relates to crown, pineal gland and nervous system. The most sensitive and wisest of colors. This is the intuitive color in the aura and reveals the psychic power of attunement with self.

Visionary, divine wisdom, enlightenment



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