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Umbrella Superstition

Have you ever heard do not open that umbrella in the house or you’ll have extremely bad luck!!! I know I have especially when I was young and didn’t understand why this was a superstition, so I would try to do it just to see what would happen, but where did this superstition come from and why is it bad luck?


The reason this superstition started, comes from many years ago when opening an umbrella indoors was an insult to the sun god. Umbrella’s were used to block the sun, so this then insulted the gods of the sun if you opened them where the sun was not.


Some of the things that is believed to happen with umbrella’s is..

You will have bad luck if you drop an umbrella unless you have someone else pick it up.


If you are single and drop an umbrella you will never get married.

Do not give a gift of an umbrella’s this is bad luck as well.

Also, if you open up an umbrella when it is not needed outside, bad weather will then arrive.