Tuesday’s tarot for beginners-Journaling

Tuesday’s Tarot for Beginners – Journaling

In our last tarot for beginners, we mentioned recording your experience in your journal so you could consult it later. If you wondered exactly what you should be journaling do not worry this week is all about your Tarot Journal! Journals are especially useful tools in all stages of tarot experience you can keep track of all your cards and keep yourself on track with a daily practice.

Journaling really is the best way for you to develop your skills, as a beginner or an experienced reader. There are countless ways to journal about tarot, but the approaches most people found helpful were to write down the readings themselves, and creating your own tarot notebook, one full sheet (unlined, front and back) per card. Keeping a written journal can help you keep track of your tarot experiences in a way that is solely your own.

Your tarot notebook is as simple as picking a random card and then grabbing coffee while you review all your favorite tarot resources and jot down your impressions is a fun way to pass the time. One of the best ways to format this notebook is to have four sections per card:

Key words, imagery, related quotes, etc. for the card in question.


The next section addresses interpretations for when the card is reversed (upside-down) covering the same information as the first section the key words and related quotes.

Next two or three paragraphs about the core idea or energy that the card seems to encapsulate along with a summary of the healthy or unhealthy ways that the idea or energy might be expressed. Think of this as your “synthesis” section.

A bulleted list of memorable, real-life situations where you have seen the card in readings.

Your writing doesn’t have to be perfect! The journal is a tool for self-reflection, a meditation that is as important as reading the cards themselves. And if your reflections aren’t coming easy, be patient. Sometimes it takes a while to get into the swing of things. You could start by just writing card meanings to memorize them, then expand from there.




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