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Tuesday Tarot

The High Priestess

When Learning the tarot it is beneficial to have an in-dept understanding of each card in the deck. We have previously covered The Fool and The Magician. This week we are looking at card #2 The High Priestess. As always, we are talking about the card as it appears in the Rider Waite deck, make sure you check your deck’s insert if your artwork differs to see if this alters its interpretations.

The card

The High Priestess sits in front of a thin veil decorated with pomegranates. The veil represents the separation between realms, the seen and the unseen. The pomegranates on the veil are a symbol of abundance, fertility and the divine feminine, and are sacred to Persephone. On either side of the High Priestess stand two pillars, marking the entrance to this sacred, mystical. One pillar is black with the letter B (Boaz, meaning ‘in his strength’) and the other is white with the letter J (Jachin, meaning ‘he will establish’). The black and white colors of the pillars symbolize duality – masculine and feminine, darkness and light. The High Priestess wears a blue robe with a cross on her chest and a horned diadem, both a symbol of her divine knowledge and her status as a divine ruler. In her lap, she holds a scroll with the letter TORA, signifying the Greater Law (according to A. E. Waite). It is partly covered, signifying that this sacred knowledge is both explicit and implicit, it will only be revealed when the student is ready to look beyond the material realm. The crescent moon at her feet symbolizes her connection with her emotions, her intuition and subconscious mind, and the natural cycles of the moon.


When drawn upright The High Priestess represents intuition, sacred knowledge, the divine feminine, mystery, spirituality, higher power, and inner voice. When reversed there is cognitive dissonance, secrets, a disconnect from your higher self and intuition, withdrawal, and silence.

Impact on the fool’s journey

The High Priestess is another teacher who implores The Fool to use their intuition before jumping into situations.


Her appearance in a reading can signify that it is time for you to listen to your intuition rather than prioritizing your intellect and conscious mind. We look forward to helping you develop your connection and understanding of Tarot every Tuesday.


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