Tree of Life Talisman: Cleansing and Charging

A Tree of Life is an ancient symbol of protection and healing. We explore the basic processes used to transform a Tree of Life pendant  into a protective healing Talisman for yourself or loved ones.

Tree Of Life Protections

The Tree of Life is associated with knowledge and wisdom and is beleived aid individual’s focus during a quest for awareness and enlightenment.

In many cultures a Tree Of Life symbolizes strength and stability. Faced with sickness, disease and even death, the Tree of Life is said to inspire fresh hope and the fuel strength to keep moving.

With its seeds, branches and roots symbolic of the family unit, the Tree of Life carries great significance for for those that have or looking to start families.

Those seeking greater abundance, wealth and prosperity, beleive that the Tree of Life can be a powerful pendant.


Cleansing Your Pendant

Cleansing is the first step in preparing a talisman to receive your intention. The purpose is simple: Objects can pick up energetic impressions from their makers, from previous owners, and from their environment.

You want your talisman to be as close to a “blank slate” as possible. That way, the energy you put into it won’t be at odds with the energy it already contains.

There are lots of methods for cleansing ritual objects and all of them do the trick. Hold it under running water, especially from a creek or fountain. Wave it through smoke from sage or incense. Leave it in a dish of salt overnight, or outside under the full moon. All the while, focus on your intention that the object is being cleansed and made new for your purposes.

If you find yourself smudge-less and salt-less on a moonless night, you can even cleanse the talisman with pure visualization. Hold it between your palms or against your third eye, and imagine streams of water or tongues of fire washing away any lingering energy.

Charge your pendant

Set your alter as you would normally. Focus on the outcome you want to achieve, rather than your need. Focus on feeling safe and invulnerable. Sprinkle the pendant with salt and say: “I cleanse you with the element of Earth.” Pass the pendant through incense and say: “I cleanse you with the element of Air.” Pass the pendant through candle flame. “I cleanse you with the element of Fire.” Sprinkle the pendant with water and say: “I cleanse you with the element of Water.” Pick up the pendant, and hold it up for your deity to behold. “You are now cleansed in the name of the (your deity)” Place the pendant back on the altar Pentacle. Press your hands over it while visualizing a brilliant white light from above pouring blessings and your intentions into it. Thank your deity and close your circle.

There is not “one true way” to charge your Amulet or Talisman. There are as many ways to bless an object as there are religious, magical and folk traditions. This is just one option for blessing a tree of life pendant.



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