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Trapped Dreams

Dreams About Being Trapped

trapped dreams

Have you been having dreams that you are trapped? Dreams themed around a sense of being stuck, lost, or trapped are very common. Even more intense dreams with motifs of being buried alive, or having lost the ability to breathe are also common

If your visiting this page, then you are probably wondering ‘Why am I having these type of dreams?’

Dreams of being trapped or stuck can relate to feelings of frustration in your waking life.  Perhaps you have been at a job you no longer enjoy or has a sense of heading nowhere. Many people change careers multiple times over a lifetime. Sometimes dreams of being trapped can be a manifestation of your readiness to move on. You may also have similar feelings relating to a dead-end relationship or endeavor.  Dreams of feeling trapped can your be inner conscious telling you it’s time to move onto to something new.

waking up from dream

While these dreams may feel disturbing to you, keep in mind that your intuition is being expressed in your dreams.  Its’ a good thing that your inner-conscious is telling you something is not quite right.

Take inventory of your life and determine what you want. Dreams can function as an internal alarm going off inside you.

Are your dreams a wake-up call that your behavior or your situation needs attention and change?

Only you can determine that.

Allow your dreams to benefit you by opening a door for a change in your life for the better.