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Transitions and Predictions for 2017


With the end of the year 2016 comes the start of 2017, which brings along with it the anticipation and excitement of big changes and new opportunities. For centuries people have turned to astrological predictions to help them find answers and guidance to some of life’s most serious issues, like love, career, as well as health. Here at we have an expert astrological team available to help you find the answers to all of life’s questions. This is just a glimpse into what 2017 may have instore for you.


Venus retrograde

Venus is also lined up to go into retrogression. Venus retrograde is a sign of strength, the planet’s retrograde will produce very strong results. While in retrograde Venus provides lessons in evaluating the worth and value of people, things, and relationships in our lives. Little frictions and disagreements will crop up, serving to remind you of the imperfections in your relationships. However you should only analyze the relationships during this time, wait until Venus turns direct to initiate any changes.


Jupiter In Libra

Due to a slew of planetary transits lined up in 2017 it is predicted to be a year of hope and new beginnings. Jupiter just transitioned into Libra and will remain in Libra for most of this year. This Movement will last one complete year in Jupiter’s 12 year cycle of the zodiac. Moreover, this transition alone is sure to bring many new events into your life.


Saturn is transitioning in 2017

Slow moving Saturn will be moving into its new sign for almost three years. As the biggest cosmic player Saturn’s transition from Scorpio into Sagittarius will be the biggest change in 2017 and its big impact will start to be felt very early in the year. Saturn will remain in Sagittarius from January 26th until January 24th 2020. For most of the Zodiac sings this transition will bring a sigh of relief. However for Virgo’s and Taurus expect many character building trials and tribulations, especially in your professional lives.

If you would like to have more personalized in-depth answers you can consult with any of our on staff astrologers. We wish you a very happy and fulfilling New Year!

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  1. Another suggestion for 2017 would be to manifest new beginnings by focusing on the power of numerology as well. Due to the fact that January does have some pretty influential power days such as the 8 of this new month which mercury goes direct this month which means around this time is a god time to make things happen.

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