Tools psychics use that you can too!

Many psychics use different methods in their readings. Tools to help guide them in their readings. Simple things that if you use so you can start to help yourself.

Crystals: People love crystals, they are pretty and sparkling, but what can they do to help you? Well, they can enhance your psychic readings.  Crystal’s are full of energy, some properities that crystals help with are communication, healing powers, and sensitivity to name a few. You can learn which crystal is for which powers, and learn how to use them for the purpose you are looking for.

Herbs: Do you have a garden outside filled with herbs? I bet you didn’t know that they can improve your readings. Your perception of the spiritual world can be enhanced by using herbs. Scent of taste of the herbs can be utilized for a variety of reading types. Some can be used for protection, or healing powers. You can find which one’s are used for what you’re looking for. Each have different powers, you can learn which one can be used for what, and you can plant them yourself pluck them from your garden and use them.

Tarot cards are used by many people, and have been around for centuries. Tarot cards can be used for guidance while doing readings.



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