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Toe Reading

Foot Reading has been around for about 5000 years, the practice started in India and China. The logic behind foot reading is that our soul lies in our feet, therefore we can tell a lot about someone’s health, and character.


For instance if you have a fallen arch this could indicate back problems, And if you have callouses or pain in your feet this could mean you are having pain in another part of your body.


So, lets talk about the importance of what your toes mean in foot readings.


Your big toe is waaaaay longer then your other toes this means you are creative, quick witted, and super clever, however on the downside of this, you may get distracted easily and not able to really focus on getting things done. If your big toe is small then this indicates that you can do multiple things at once.


Your second toe, the longer it is the more skills you have to be a leader. You may be a little too bossy however and it doesn’t go over so well with some people, but you know how to get things done. However, the shorter your toe means you are laid back, and like to take your time to get things done.


Your third toe, if it is extremely long you have a great energy, you are full of it and get things done quick and efficiently.  The shorter the toe is, is how relaxed you are, and just take things as they come.


A long, straight fourth toe indicates family values been a lot to you, but if your toes are curled it means you struggle with loved ones and relationships. However, a short fourth toe means family isn’t very important to you.


Your little toe, the shorter it is the more childish you are, you don’t take responsibilities seriously, you are fun and energetic, but not to serious of a person.