Toads – Superstitions and Beliefs

With more time to explore lakes and rivers during the worldwide lockdowns more people have been encountering wildlife. Have you personally noticed the seeming increase in the number of toads you encounter? If you have been wondering if it could be a sign, we have all you need to know about toads. the toad is ultimately a messenger of the earth, the great goddess herself. For the Celts, the three stages of development egg, tadpole and toad were considered a physical reflection of the triple goddess with her three aspects of wisdom.

Financial Beliefs

In China the toad is also assigned to the yin principle: Its fertility is associated here with wealth, and the three-legged toad with a coin in its mouth is used as a money attractor in Feng Shui. Similarly, the toad is a symbol of happiness in Japan. Especially travelers like to use it when they have to cross large areas of water. Toad-shaped amulets can be found in many Japanese wallets, as they hold the money together. In Europe toads – beside the snakes – were considered as guardians of hidden treasures.


Even stronger than their symbolism of prosperity, the toad symbol is connected to fertility and to the womb. In ancient Greece and Rome toads and uterus were symbolically interchangeable. This continued as far as Central Europe in the Middle Ages, where the uterus was interpreted as an independent wandering being in the body. In the Mexican language, the word “much” is used for both toad and uterus. With the Mayans the toad the birthing earth goddess often appeared as a toad and offerings were placed before to her toad-shaped cult statues. Only in ancient Egypt Heket was a male god with the head of a toad, although Heket also protected fertility and birth . In popular belief it was considered unfortunate to kill toads, because they we supposed to carry the souls of  children with them. A woman who wanted to become pregnant laid her hand flat on the ground in front of a toad. If the toad jumped in, this was considered a child blessing. In folk magic, young girls made men docile by giving them water to drink in which a toad had swum.

The next time you come across a toad, be sure to take a moment to consider if it is a coincidence or maybe a message.



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