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Tips to Strengthen your Clair-Abilities

Tips to Strengthen your Clair-abilites

Are you receiving psychic impressions, seeing colors, or hearing sounds that are coming from the spirits? Maybe you can communicate with others without actually talking to them? There are seven core Clair senses that many people have, but sometimes refuse to acknowledge or accept, others want to use them and just aren’t sure how to develop control. If you are looking to strengthen your clair-abilities we have some tips to help.

You firstly need to fully embrace your gift, realizing the great things that you can achieve by having it. Understanding the process and what is going on in your mind is important. Even though these gifts allow us to connect with spirits and souls that exist in different realms of existence, to access them we first need to look inwards. If you are afraid or skeptical it will make it harder to access your gifts, or to distinguish them from your own worries. Free your mind of preconceived ideas and be open to what is happening in your body.

Meditation allows you to focus on the senses and how they are connected to the spirits. Using crystals in your meditation can enhance the process, allowing your body and mind to connect with the vibrations from the crystals. Plus, if you are feeling overwhelmed and a bit anxious in regard to your psychic abilities, crystals can really help calm and center yourself. Keep a meditation journal, record what you have experienced during your meditation. You can also use this to record your dreams since we open ourselves up to our subconscious when we sleep.

An easy exercise that you can do in order to strengthen and develop your psychic abilities is to scan the room and be aware of all the energies that surround you. What do you smell? Does it remind you of anything? How about what you are hearing? What emotions do the noises and sounds conjure up? See if there are any shifts in what you are experiencing, try to be aware of anything otherworldly that you might be experiencing. It is great to practice this every day and it only takes ten or twenty minutes. However, it really allows you to connect with your senses and perceptions.



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