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Tips for trying to have an Out of Body Experience

Before you try any of these tips its important to take note that inducing an out of body experience is not something to be forced, and without sufficient relaxation, you are unlikely to project successfully! You need to be fully relaxed to be successful, so if you are having a hard time try working on your relaxing techniques before trying these techniques.

Use a rope

The Rope Projection technique is said to have been devised by Robert Bruce, one of the foremost figures in the world of Astral Projection. The Rope Technique is extraordinarily successful at inducing an Out of Body Experience, even in people who have struggled for a long time to see any results. As you lie on your bed, you imagine the rope hanging down towards you, and what you do is visualize yourself (or rather, your Astral Self) taking hold of the rope, and pulling yourself up the rope, one hand at a time, all the while concentrating on the sensations as you climb upwards. Be aware of the feeling of the rope against your hands, and the motion of your body as you pull yourself up from your bed and concentrating also on the feelings of your arms slowly but surely pulling yourself upwards.

Climb a Ladder

If you have never pulled yourself up a rope, or don’t believe you have the upper body strength to do so successfully even just mentally while in a relaxed state, try a ladder instead. In this instance, a ladder may be imagined hanging from the ceiling, instead, which has the benefit of allowing the would-be Astral Projector to use his or her feet, as well as the hands.



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Roll out

This is a method of inducing an Out of Body Experience while in bed or in a reclining position. It is effective because the act of rolling in your bed is something that we each experience many times a night, and the familiarity of this action makes it easy to visualize. Simply “feel yourself” rolling back and forth in your bed and allow your imagined viewpoint to reflect each new position. This technique for Astral Projection is quite often enough to trigger a successful out of body experience, even when you have found yourself struggling using other methods.

Remember not to tense up when you feel your astral self starting to separate. Stay in a relaxed trance state and just let yourself go.

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