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Thumb Readings

Have you ever gone to a psychic to get your palm read? They read our palms, such as our life line, love line, etc. But what we never really noticed was that our thumbs are actually the guide to our over-all reading  and our future.


In Palmistry our thumbs are closely related to our willpower. Although our thumbs are a small part of our body, our thumbs strongly contribute a huge part of our brains. Our thumbs help our minds grow because they support our other four fingers. Thumbs represent our willpower, our magnitude to love, and are aptitude to judge.


Our thumbs have two joints, and three parts that are called Phalanges our upper phalanges is what powers our will power, and and our determination. Our lower phalanges is our common sense, and logic. If your logic phalanges is shorter then your determination one, this will determine that you act without thinking aka you don’t use logic before doing anything.


There is a thing called the perfect thumb, this thumb is super long, and extends towards the first joint of the index finger, it will not be very bendable and flexible however it is the perfect thumb, meaning you have a great balance, between love, logic, and will power.