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Things you do not know about Tarot Card readings

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Are you looking to get a tarot card reading? Or maybe you are looking at doing a reading yourself? Regardless of which way you are choosing to go, there are some facts you need to know before you get your reading done.

facts about tarot readings

First thing you need to do, is talk out loud, whether you are at a reading, or doing a reading on your own it’s essential for you to speak out loud. It’s Tarot tradition. when tarot readings because it was about storytelling and oral skills.

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You have to remember when you use a Tarot deck, this is a symbol of yourself, you cannot use someone else’s deck or give someone your deck without first cleansing the cards. You can use your deck until you die the Tarot cards have your energy within them.

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To get more accurate readings, using a deck of a Tarot reading, or a psychic who has passed away, will definitely be more accurate, but precautions must be made, you will have to cleanse the deck, so energies not your own can be cleansed from the deck. The deck that you may have acquired will have had many hands touching it, and been used many many times, so negative and positive energies would have went through this deck, so the more accurate you want your reading cleansing this deck will be beneficial for you.

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Reading for yourself is not recommended, only because you may interpret the cards in a different way then they mean because it is for yourself. you may be reading expecting a result to you believe that therefore the energy of the cards is no longer accurate. However, many people can accurately read for themselves, so if you want to just use caution.

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Do not read for yourself or someone else, and about the same issue more then once a month. Every reading and issue takes time to unfold, so it is bad energy to read more then once a month.

Be prepared for your reading.



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  1. Very good information! I do my own reading in a three card spreed and I also use oracle cards as well. When it comes to bigger spreads I do go to see someone for more of a detailed and better reading. It really does help and very cool as well.

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