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Things to know before speaking with a psychic

Consulting with a psychic can be very useful in growing and learning. Psychics can help you find peace, and direction. However it’s important to keep in mind that psychics are not omniscient beings. So here are a few things to keep in mind the next time you are planning to speak with a psychic.

Medium vs Psychic
What’s the Difference?

With the growing interest in all things paranormal there are advertisements for psychic readings everywhere. Depending on the type of information you are seeking it is important to distinguish between a medium and a psychic. A medium is someone who can communicate directly with spirits. On the other hand a psychic reads energy. They are able to perceive past, present, and in some cases future events. So if you are looking for closure, or to speak with a deceased loved one you would need to speak with a medium. Adversely if you are looking for guidance or answers to issues in your life your best bet is a psychic.

Forget your expectations

When having a reading done you are paying for their time and skills. Allow the psychic or medium to do their job and be your guide. Do not spend the entire session waiting for a specific answer to just one question. You will be provided with information as it is received by the psychic, asking questions or trying to redirect the psychic can cause issues with your reading. Most psychic will allow you to ask questions, at the right times, so avoid going off on a tangent in the middle of a session.

Don’t be afraid to end a session if it doesn’t feel right. If it feels like the session is more the psychic digging for information or explaining to you that you have a curse upon your family that will cost exponential amounts of money to have removed chances are you are not dealing with a genuine psychic. Listen for tidbits of information that will reassure you the person you are dealing with is indeed divining information pertinent to you. If at any point you become uncomfortable for any reason do not hesitate to end the session.