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Burn After Reading Matches

The Write and Burn Ritual

burn after reading matches
The New Year is almost upon us. This is traditionally a time of letting go of past hurts and looking forward to what awaits you in the future. It is important to released anything that may be holding you back, while there are many different rituals out there to assist you with letting go of your past, the Write, Burn, Release ritual is one of the simplest while also being backed by science.
What is Writing and Burning
Writing and burning is not meant to take the place of regular daily journaling, gratitude lists or dreams and desires. It is strictly for the negative impacts weighing on your spirit. Writing and burning is for the pain and anger and resentment and jealousy. It’s for all those feelings of insecurity that hold you back in ways that you may just be discovering. It’s a safe time and place to write all your pain, your problems, your challenges, and even your hates. Writing and Burning allow you a place to get honest with yourself and your pain. A place for you to allow yourself complete freedom to write whatever you want. No one else but you will ever see it, so you can swear and curse if you feel the need and write down everything that you feel about the person or the situation that is affecting you.

How to write and burn

First you will want to find a quiet spot where you are free from distractions. Turn your cell phone off. Get away from your computer. This is your time to really focus on yourself and your healing. You may want to begin with a statement, intention or prayer asking to help you in clearing any negative emotions you have within your mind, body or spirit. Is there or was there someone in your life that you have negative feelings toward? Perhaps there is an experience that you need to let go of to move forward in your life. Whatever it is, bring it to mind as you set your intentions.

Next Visualize the energy of pain, anger, hate, jealousy, whatever it is you are feeling and need to release. Imagine your emotions flowing down your arm and onto the pages. Imagine the paper soaking all the emotional energy that has felt stuck in you into it. It is literally taking your pain from your physical body and transferring it onto the paper and into this journal. Write until your hand stops. Don’t hold back. Don’t stop what comes to your mind. This letter is for you. No one else. Don’t worry about editing your writing, or even making sure it is coherent. Just keep going until you feel the pain subsiding and you feel as though your writing is complete. No need to go back and reread it, you have poured it from yourself and now it is contained within the pages.

Finish by writing down “My intention is that all of this is released energetically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually from me and from all generations past, present and future for the highest and greatest good of all.” Imagine you are CHOOSING now, to finally release them, once and for all. Be aware of the energy you are feeling in your mind, heart and body. Dont be afraid to forgive yourself for harboring this energy.

Now it’s time to BURN them! Remember there is no need to ever read them again. Just let them go. You may find extra release in riping the pages in half. Next go outside and make sure you have a safe receptacle that you can drop a burning piece of paper into, checking that the area around it will also be safe from the flames. Hold the letter over the receptacle and light one corner with a match or lighter or drop the paper into a fire. Make a final statement of release. Before you just throw the paper in the fire, think about an intention of release or completion as you watch the page or pages burn, let all that anger and hate go with it. See and feel the energy transmuting with the support of the fire.