The Wiccan New Year

There are eight holidays on the Wiccan Calendar. These Wiccan holidays are called “Sabbats”. Samhain (pronounced SAH-win) is an old Irish/Celtic holiday dating back over 6,000 years. Today, it is celebrated by many, including those who practice Wicca. For Wiccans, it is one of the more important annual sabbats. Also known as Samhain or All Hallow’s Eve. October 31st is New Years on the Druid calendar. It is important to note, that witches and warlocks celebrate their holidays from sundown on the date of the holiday through sundown the next day.

Take a moment to remember what you accomplished throughout the year. Celebrate the harvests of your efforts. Let go of things that you no longer need. These could be past arguments with loved ones, regrets of actions taken or not taken, and so on. By leaving these behind, you can be more open to new things in the future. To help you disconnect from the past year, try this simple exercise. Cut a piece of string about six to eight inches in length. Light a candle or a fire in the fireplace. Sit comfortably with the string in your hands, close your eyes, and center yourself with a few deep breaths. When you are centered, open your eyes. For each thing you would like to let go, tie a knot. Continue tying knots until you feel you are done. Place the knotted string into the fire. As the string burns, know that your connections to those issues also burns away.

One of the most common Samhain traditions is building an altar to honor those who have passed on. Place items from your loved ones or items that remind you of them on a table, shelf, or other space. Arrange the items in a way that is meaningful to you. If you feel inclined, add a candle, incense, or other items to complete the altar. After dusk on Samhain, sit at the altar, and breathe deeply. Close your eyes, and remember the loved ones. Tell them what you need to tell them. Send them love, appreciation, and gratitude. Listen for their messages.

This is a time of reflecting on what was accomplished this past year and looking forward into next year. It is also a time when the veil between this world and the hereafter is the thinnest allowing us to reconnect with dear ones who have crossed over.



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