The three types of Magic

The Three Types of Magic

For generations, humans across cultures have explored their innate magic through various manifestation techniques. Some have turned to higher powers, while others to mother earth. If you are curious what exactly the difference between types of magic are, we have a quick breakdown for you. The three most common practices are ceremonial, celestial, and natural.

Ceremonial Magic

Ceremonial magic, also called high magic, derives from divine tradition and requires the presence of a pious figure, such as a priest, priestess, or shaman. Ceremonial magic involves the invoking and requesting or controlling of spirits and other entities. During the Victorian era, spiritualist and occult groups flourished, and perhaps none is as well-known as the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Many of today’s ceremonial magic practitioners trace their roots to the teachings of the Golden Dawn.

Celestial magic


Celestial magic is based around the concepts of order, law, enlightenment, and the mind. It exists at the intersection of the terrestrial and cosmic realms. The most well-known example of celestial magic is astrology. In western magical practices, celestial magic has mostly merged with natural magics since the philosophy and practice of natural magic are both closely associated with astrology and humoral medicine.

Natural magic

Natural magic is the practice of magic in accordance with the natural world. It incorporates herbs, candles, crystals, resins, metals, and more to direct energy through spellwork. Generally natural magic has been much less controversial than ritual magic, and has been practiced openly even at times when even a rumor of involvement in ritual magic was enough to cause imprisonment and death. It’s main principle is “as above, so below.” Every object in the material world, according to this dictum, is a reflection of astrological and spiritual powers. By making use of these material reflections, the natural magician concentrates or disperses particular powers of the higher levels of being.


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