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The Square Hand


The Square Hand is also called the useful hand. This type of hand has been found in so many people. These hands are medium
sized to large. The square hand is easily distinguished, especially if you look at it from the back of your hand. In appearance
you will have large, knotty knuckles, a super sized thumb, squarish nails, and medium sized palms.


If you have a Square Hand your profession may be something that you enjoy doing, rather then doing something for money.
Such as a painter, mechanic, electrician, or something hands on, you enjoy working with your hands, and when you put your mind to something you will be very successful in any activity you chose.


The characteristics of a person with a square hand would be, laid back, realistic, not much imagination needs to see to believe,
grounded, follows directions, obeys laws, will be very successful in anything they put their mind too, these people
will show their affections by doing stuff for you rather then using words. For example, making you chicken noodle soup when you
are sick, or fixing your car when it breaks down. The square handed person is trustworthy, and you want them around, especially for fixing things.