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The Spatulate Hand

The spatulate hand looks like you have a wide palm by your fingers, that gets thinner towards your wrist. (It branches out by your fingers). Our ancient ancestors named this hand as spatulate because they referred to this hand as looking like a shovel.


Someone with this time of hand, is creative, likes to make things, likes to invent things, and likes to inspect how things work. Inventors, artists, explorers and scientists have this type of hand. Have you ever moved into a new house and decided it was way to plain and created an entire painting on the wall? This is the type of person who will have a spatulate hand.


The people with the spatulate hand, may not be able to focus on multiple things at once, they get very focuses on what they are doing that it is very hard to distract them, or get them to even pay attention to anything else. They are creators which also makes their work very important to them, especially if they are in the middle of something. Also, time management is not their strong suit, they get carried away, and do not keep track of time. They may be late for everything, people with the spatulate hand need to learn how to balance their projects with their other responsibilities in life.


However, people with the spatulate hand, make great beauty in this world, whether it is building things, creative beautiful art work, inventing things, or other ideas, they are very good to have around, and needed to make this world beautiful.