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The Saturn Finger

The Saturn Finger also known to most as your middle finger, is the finger that provides knowledge of ones responsibility and discipline in life.


The different lengths in this finger carry different meanings. If the length is more then a quarter of an inch longer, this will mean that the individual will have many struggles in life, they will not be able to fill their desires, or fulfill their goals. If the length is more then a half an inch longer then the index finger, this could mean that this individual will meet their death through murder.
If the length is a quarter of an inch longer then both the index and ring finger this could mean that the individual will be able to make wise decisions in life.


Some Other Examples for the middle finger could be: If your finger is very long, your health could be suffering, if your finger is long with a square tip, you live a sober, healthy lifestyle. These are just some more examples of what your middle finger length could be.


“The middle finger is the finger of fate. It’s where illusion (or delusion) and reality meet.
No matter what else is going on in your hands, the middle finger forces you to face the facts and
do whatever needs to be done. It always requires work on your part.” Mark Seltsman