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The Psychic Power of Pets

Animal Telepathy

Anyone who owns a pet knows that they are in tune to you. Some pets are more in tune to their owners than others. However all animals have the capacity for psychic abilities. Animal trainers, pet owners and naturalists have reported various kinds of perceptiveness in animals so let’s take a closer look at this phenomena

Animal Precognition.
Animal Precognition

One of the most common examples of this is the way animals react before a major storm, or earthquake. All animals, whether pets or in the wild, respond to impending threats by fleeing or taking shelter. However an animal’s ability to predict the weather and natural phenomena is not the only time their potential for precognition has been documented. In 2010 a cat in Rhode Island accurately predicted the deaths of approximately 50 people between an hour and four hours before they passed away. The cat, named Oscar, even had its abilities documented in the New England Journal of Medicine

Animal Telepathy

Have you ever noticed a pet excitedly run to the door before a family member returns or company arrives? While sometimes this can be explained by learned routines. However that is not always the case. Some animals are so sensitive they may get excited when the phone rings before it has been answered so there was no way for it to be a response to the voice on the other end. Another obvious example of animal’s ability to communicate telepathically is their ability to communicate across different species.

 animal telepathy
Sometimes answers can be provided in this realm if we only know to pay attention. The next time you notice animals around you behaving abnormally, take a moment to listen to what nature may be trying to communicate with you.