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Eye Gazing Couple

The Practice of Eye Gazing Part 2

eye gazing couple

Continued from our “Seeing Beyond this Dimension – The Practice of Eye Gazing Part I“- Today we explore the practice of eye gazing as a couple.

Before you begin with a partner make sure you choose someone you feel safe and comfortable around. This is a very intimate exercise, due to its nature you may find yourselves feeling awkward or giddy at first. Just try and breath until you are both relaxed enough to begin. Sit two to three feet apart in a comfortable position.

Eye gazing

You may notice various colors or shapes changing while looking at your partner. Try not to focus on these changes, just let them happen. Allow the process to unfold slowly and you will being to feel yourself more unified with your partner. What happens next will vary depending on the intentions you have set. There really isn’t a right or wrong way to do things from this point. Just relax and experience them.

eye gazing with partner
You can gaze for as long or short as you want. When first starting out aim for 5 to 10 minutes. Generally speaking the longer each session the more your personal ego will fade allowing a deeper soul experience. If you are experienced in eye gazing feel free to share any tips or experiences you personally have in the comments below.