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The Philosophic Hand

philosophic hand

The Philosophic Hand is a long hand, bony fingers, long nails, and easily recognizable joints. This hand is very easy to recognize, on any type of person. This hand is usually slightly reddish, very thick palm, and its very broad.

philosophic hand2

People with this type of hand, are very genuine, analytical, sensitive, caring, and thoughtful. You want to explore new things, find new facts, you are a thinker, you want to uncover all the secrets of the world, travel finding new places, new facts, new anything really, you want to know everything you can possibly know about the world, and the unknown.


Intellectuals, thinkers, philosophers, writers, are just some types of jobs someone with this type of hand may enjoy, anything to get your brain working, and your mind moving and thinking is a job that someone with a philosophic hand will want to have.