Astrology: The Moon

What do we and the tides have in common?

We are both greatly influenced by the moon.

Called the ‘Ruler of Our Emotions,’ it is the closest “planet”, actually satellite, to us and it zips around the zodiac in one short month. Think about it… Jupiter takes a little over 11 years to make it through the entire zodiac in comparison to the moon’s 28-29 days. It stands to reason that we are going to feel the effects of the moon on a daily basis.

For example, women have been using the moon as their monthly calendar giving the moon its role in fertility, pregnancy and childbirth. The moon is often referred to as “the Goddess”representing the mother/child relationship.

We have all seen and read how during a full moon emotions run high, just like the tides, giving way to extremes in behavior.


Sayings like “still water runs deep” and “stop making waves” refer to the role the moon and tides play in our lives.

The moon also has a mystery about it. It sheds light at night casting a silver hue over us. It changes monthly from new, full, crescent 8 phases in all. Let us not forget “the man on the moon” its full moon face! It controls the ebb and flow of the tides. It effects change daily.

It is said that the sun gives us our spirit energy and the moon gives us our soul energy. It spends about 2 ½ days in each sign and takes about 28 days to complete its cycle. It is feminine and rules the sign of Cancer and the fourth house.

We all have a birth sign and just as importantly we have a moon sign. Finding our moon sign takes knowing our birth sign, time of birth and place of birth.

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