The layers of the Aura’s

There are seven layers of your Aura. These are also referred to subtle bodies. Each hold information differently. Your chakra energy is produced by the auras. Your physical, emotional, and spiritual health affect the size of the Aura. Based on your health your aura can enlarge or deflate.

THe emotional layer of the aura is about 1 to 3 inches from your body. Your emotions and feelings are where this field holds. The color is this aura is usually rainbow bright, a combination of colors. If your aura is blurred you are feeling negative feelings and having an emotional block. This is considered the second layer of the aura and if your emotions are blocked this will affect your first and third aura layer.

The first layer of your aura is called the etheric aura. This is the closest layer to your body, this aura layer represents your physical health. Shades of blue are the colors, and about two inches outward, pain or pleasure when reading this aura.

The third layer of your aura is the mental part. This will be about three to eight inches from your body and will be bright shades of yellow. This is where your thoughts, and ideas are.

The Fourth layer is known as the astral layer, it’s about one foot from your body. This is for your spirituality, of your spiritual health is good then this will be bright and reflect a rainbow.


Fifth layer  is known as the etheric template, this will be located about two feet from your body and colonies will vary.  This can however create a negative space, but is contains forms of the physical world.

Vector Illustration of Human Auras and Chakras, Eps10 Vector, Ai, Eps and Jpg Included

Sixth is the celestial aura. Two and a half feet from the body, which is connected to the spiritual world, you can communicate with the spiritual world in this layer. Also represents unconditional love and feelings. Your colors will be bright and shimmer light.

The last layer of the aura layers is known as the ketheric template, located three feet from the body which surrounds each of the other layers of your aura, and essential holds them together. This color will be a gold color, and is at the highest vibration of all the auras. This layer will represent everything you have gone through in your life, every experience.


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