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The Hanging Man Tarot

The card portrays a man who is hanging upside down, he is hanging by his foot from the living world tree. The tree has its roots deep under the ground, its known to carry the heavens. It is assumed that the hanging man is positioned there by his own free will. Expressions on his face indicate he is hanging there for his own satisfaction.

Upright hanging man meaning-

The hanging man’s position is a sacrifice that was made to move forward from past mistakes, whether his wrongdoings, or to recalculate the path forward. The time he is spending hanging on his tree is to symbolize his progression forward to walk on a more spiritual path in life. The hanging man card reflects a need to suspend actions.

The Hanged Man Reversed

This card means you need to hit the pause button, you’re doing absolutely everything you can to avoid life. You fill your days with projects, chores, doing whatever you can to keep busy, you need to relax, rest, and face whatever you’re avoiding head on.

You’re stalling a decision, you need to dive head on and do it.



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