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The Evil Eye

the evil eye

Have you ever heard of someone giving you The Evil Eye? I know I have, whether it was just a dirty look, or someone you may have wronged.. So what is The Evil Eye?


The Evil Eye is said to be a curse that is cast by a malicious stare. The person who is getting The Evil Eye, usually is unaware that the curse is being cast upon them.


Injury or misfortune is believed to be the cause of The Evil Eye if it is put on you and many cultures believe this to be true. There are Talismans (which are usually a ring or stone) that are made to protect against The Evil Eye. Talismans are known to bring good luck.


When we wrong someone, or someone thinks that we have wrong them, we usually get an evil glance. Cutting someone off in traffic, cutting in front of someone in line, or simply someone thinking we are doing something wrong. But, The Evil Eye is very different. The Evil Eye is the magic of the evil eye a curse to create injury or misfortune to someone receiving it. If you believe you have wronged someone you may want to pick yourself up a Talisman and protect yourself.