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Final Supermoon 2016

The Completion of the 2016 Trifecta

Final Supermoon 2016

The Completion of the 2016 Trifecta, December’s Supermoon partnered with the Geminids Shower.

December 13 will be the final supermoon of the 2016 trifecta. Decembers full moon, also known as the Cold Moon and the Long nights moon, will be at perigee at 7:05 p.m. EST. However the full moon isn’t the only thing in store for the 13th. It is also the night the Geminids meteor shower will peak. The supermoon will impact the ability to clearly see the Geminids. However it will not decrease their impact on our lives.

The Final Supermoon

The Final Supermoon of 2016

The final supermoon of 2016 will be at 22 degrees Gemini. Gemini lunation’s tend to convey a need to balance logic with emotions. The full moon in Gemini, combined with Jupiter in Libra will create a desire for highly social situations. You may notice a more extroverted, and assertive self coming through. If you are typically a more reserved person you may notice your shyness fading. You will find yourself feeling more emboldened to speak up. More importantly if you found yourself affected by the Pisces eclipse in September you may be rehashing those events during this full moon. Despite that potential this supermoon is shaping up to be a time of high spirited dynamic fun for most people.

The Geminids Meteor Shower

The Geminids Meteor Shower

Considered by most to be the grand finale of the solar year the Geminids, which seem to radiate from the constellation of Gemini, are a beautiful reminder to be careful what you wish for. The energy from the Geminids are all about travel, exchanging gifts, and granting wishes. There will be an increase in social gatherings or social reform at this time. Body, mind, and soul healing are possible during these showers, making them an excellent time for medical treatment, also a great time to see a psychologist or psychic. If you find yourself haunted by issues the supermoon may be rehashing it will be a great time to consider visiting a temple or spiritual retreat.


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  1. Since this is the final super moon of the 2016 trifecta it is a good time to reflect and recharge and totally connect to our spiritual side by deepening our relationship with ourselves and each other. After all we are all connected on a higher platform/plane more than we know.

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