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The Autumn Equinox 2016

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The Autumn Equinox

With less than 16 days until the Autumn Equinox of 2016 it is a good time to take a look at what it marks and what it means for you. The event will occur Worldwide at 10:22am on Thursday, 22nd September 2016.

Whether you know it as the start of Fall, Alban Elfed, Mabon, or just the equinox- it is a very powerful time and should not be overlooked.

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What is the Equinox?

The autumn (or fall) equinox is generally accepted to happen when day and night fall into a perfect balance with each other all over the world. They are nearly the exact same length of 12 hours. However Due to the amount of time it takes for the sun to rise and set they aren’t exactly equal. So in fact it is the moment the sun crosses the celestial equator. The equinox marks the astronomical start of fall, and is celebrated by many cultures and religions. The morning of the autumn equinox is when the sun enters Libra. This equal split of light and dark is considered a time to express gratitude, complete projects and honor a moment of balance.

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Celebrating the Equinox

The equinox is celebrated for much more than just the return of pumpkin spice lattes. It is a time to respect the impending winter and dark while giving thanks to the fading summer and sunlight. To count blessings and offer thanks for a bountiful harvest while preparing for the months ahead. Most cultures hold a traditional harvest feast. Many people like to welcome autumn by remaining awake to pay homage to the balance represented. Alters and adorned monuments are another form of celebration. Gourds, blackberries, and apples are usually featured in the decorations.

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What This Means for You

Just as the earth undergoes changes during this time of year, it is also a time of spiritual transformation. During this time of perfect balance one should take time to reflect on one’s self and make sure they are also balanced. It is a time of reaping what you have sown. Reflect on your hopes and aspirations rejoice in what you have accomplished and plan ahead for what will be needed to continue on your path. As the earth is harvested and cleared to prepare its descent into the winter months, take time to clear out your mind. Complete projects, and let go of anything which is no longer wanted or needed, so that winter will be a time of peace rather than turmoil.
Enjoy this time of balance and harvest. Revel in the beautiful changes within yourself and see them manifested in the changes of the earth around you.